Welcome to our 4 Year Old Classroom

Theme: Pets

February 24th  to February 28th

Language Arts: 

Phonological Awareness: Blend Blend words by onset and rime

Print Awareness: Distinguish between letters and numbers


Alphabet Recognition: Identify "Ll"

Review letters 

Oral Language: Identify domestic and farm animals

Social Studies: Our Pets

Explore ways to take care of our pets

Science: Pets grow

Learn how animals grow and change

Math: Identify #

Review Patterning

Exploring #5 through #10

Pizza Day is Monday!

Mrs. Brown will be here on Monday to help us celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday.  To celebrate you can wear stripes, a mustache, a crazy hat or crazy hair, crazy socks, red and blue, or come up with your own ideas!

Our Joe Corbi Fundraiser starts on Tuesday March 3rd. 

The aquarium will be here on Friday March 6th.

Reminder that Daylight Savings time starts on March 8th. (Spring Forward)

Registration is going on now for the school year and summer camp! 

Please sign up ASAP!