Welcome to our 4 Year Old Classroom

"Let's Get Cooking"

Monday November 18 through Friday November 22nd

Social/Emotional Development: Let's Go


Understand the Use of Money

Language Arts:

Phonological Awarenes: Identify initial sounds

Alphabet Recognition

Identify "Cc"

Review letters learned

Print Awareness:

Understand a concept of a work

Oral Language:

Identify Food Words

Social Studies: 

Food Jobs


food service jobs in the neighborhood


Matter changes

Discover that matter can change when mixed together


Identify #7

Review numbers

Solid figures

Compare solid figures

Monday is pizza day!

We will be going to Discovery Theater on Friday, November 22nd.  "Grandma's Thanksgiving"

Tuesday, November 26th is the last day before Thanksgiving break; school closes at 11:30 a,m,