The Staff

Mrs. Debbie Heying

Mrs. Heying is the director here at Corkran and has worked here for 26 years. She has taught our 2’s and 3’s and has been the director for 13 years now. Mrs. Heying has three children and two grandchildren. She loves when the children stop at her desk and play with the toys and chat with her before heading to class each morning. She is looking forward to a great new school year!

Mrs. Melissa Hahn

Mrs. Hahn is the Assistant Director here at Corkran Preschool. Mrs. Hahn also teaches Music and Movement and is in charge of all special events and fundraisers at the school.  She also is our Facebook Instagram and webpage coordinator.  Mrs. Hahn is an alumni of Corkran Preschool and her mother was the director here for 33 years before retiring. 


Ms. Melinda Boyd is  our bookkeeper. She also assists in our office in many other ways.  Ms. Boyd's girls are alumni of Corkran.  She previously worked as a teacher's assistant in our Four Year Old Class. 

Mrs. Marti Brown

Mrs. Brown has worked at Corkran for over 30 years. She has taught all age groups except for the 2’s. She was also the director before retiring in May 2008. Mrs. Brown is now the official guest reader for Corkran and the children love her!! We are so thankful that she is willing to give some of her time back to us!!