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Our History and Philosophy


Corkran Preschool & Kindergarten opened its doors in 1955 and was one of the very first kindergarten programs in Prince George's County.  Shortly after, we expanded our school to include a two-, three- and four-year-old program.  Since that time, our school has provided a rich, satisfying, and constructive "first" school experience for our children.  

Corkran Preschool and Kindergarten and staff members share a common philosophy that children learn best when they can actively interact with their environment.  We share a common commitment to helping each child develop fully-physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually.  We encourage each child to think for themselves, and solve problems according to their individual developmental level and ability.

Corkran Preschool and Kindergarten

5200 Temple Hill Road

Temple Hills, MD 20748

(301) 894-6886


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