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Two-and Three-Year Old's - Week of September 18th - 22nd


                       Theme:   Emotions --- How Do You Feel ?
                               Letter:  B b 

                               Writing Strokes:  Vertical, Diagonal, Circular lines,
                                                                Connecting Dots, Name Writing, 
                                                                Matching letters in their name 

                               Numbers:    Zero 0, One 1 

                               Color:    Blue

                               Shape:  Square

                               Social Skills:   Stop and Think
                                                           Listen / Following directions
                                                           Love / Kindness

                                Literacy:     Sorting letters in my name

                                Social Studies:  Family / Friends / Doctors

                                Science:   Identifying Body Parts, (how many - arms, legs, eyes, ears, etc.)

                       Engaging conversations about Feeling.
                                How do you feel? - Happy, sad excited, tired, mad, surprised, worried, loved, scared                                     

                                          1.  Emotional Face
                                          2.  Blue Bird
                                          3.  Letter Bb for Band-aids
                                          4.  Letter Bb for Butterfly
                                          5.  A Bunch of Feelings
                                          6.  Letter Bb for Bus      

                       Fine Motor:     

                                     -     Color blue squares
                                     -     Painting Blue Skies
                                     -     Creating letters in my name

                        Wear blue on Friday, September 22nd


                        The teachers will individualize for each child.


Our talented Three-year-old's Artwork...

THREES ROCKETS 2_edited.jpg

Four- and Five-Year Old's - Week of September 18th - 22nd

Unit 2 - Who We Are

Review and Assessments are made for the students so that individual Strategies can be implemented.

Children will be assessed in:

Language Arts

Phonological Awareness

Alphabet Recognition/Review letters

Identifying initial sounds

Oral Language

Print Awareness

Number Recognition/Review numbers

Corkran Preschool and Kindergarten

5200 Temple Hill Road

Temple Hills, MD 20748

(301) 894-6886


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